Josh Green & La Thao

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship | Marquette University

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Marquette University is a multi-ethnic, inter-denominational group of students on campus. This ministry aims to raise and develop students to lead their peers in Scripture study, evangelistic outreach, and prayer, while also engaging in ethnic reconciliation and justice issues. The hope is to see these students change the campus as a whole, being equipped to serve Jesus on mission for the rest of their lives.

  • Pray for our small group Bible study leaders. Small groups are the backbone of our whole ministry, and we long for our leaders to be people who are drawing closer to God and leading others to do the same. Pray for boldness and faithfulness on their part. Pray for students to gain vision and ownership of our mission on campus.
  • Pray for communities of students on campus that don’t have any ministry serving them (international students, Latino students, students in the Greek system, etc.) that God would open doors to start ministries in those places.
  • Pray that students (both those who are involved in InterVarsity and those who are not) would have a deeper hunger and thirst for more of God in their lives.