Ovidio (Bio) & Derida Ochaeta

Global Development Services | Peten/Guatemala

Bio and Derida run the Discipleship and Vocational Training Center “Paths of Hope,” a business-oriented ministry to youth at risk in the northern region of Guatemala, an area afflicted by gang and drug dealing activity. At the Center, young men are taught the Word, trained in carpentry and welding, and provided the resources to continue their formal education. In addition, the Ochaetas work with several local churches in pastoral care and marriage ministry.

  • Pray for transformational changes in the lives of our students and for growth in their faith and ability to learn.
  • Pray for wisdom on us as we minister to our pastors and their wives to be a blessing and encouragement in their life and ministry.
  • Pray for us to be refreshed in the Lord and strengthened in our commitment to serve humbly, boldly, and joyfully, while maintaining a healthy family relationship. Pray for divine protection from gang violence and criminal activity.