Christina Winrich


OMF-International | Sapporo, Japan

Aaron & Hannah Loy (Sapphira, Victoria) 

OMF International | Sapporo, Japan 

Aaron & Hannah begin their first four-year term in Northern Japan engaged in “Daniel Training,” a season of ministry modeled after the biblical story of Daniel’s posture of humility and learning as he served and lived among the Babylonians. This includes two years of full-time language & culture learning, followed by two years of serving alongside another ministry during their “Training Designation.” By ministering incarnationally, evangelization and discipleship will be the means, by God’s grace, of achieving the long-term vision of seeing thriving, indigenous churches raising up the next generation of leaders and planting church-planting churches. 

Mike & Rachel 

Southeast Asia 

Mike and Rachel live in a major city of Southeast Asia. They work alongside local people to mobilize neighborhood assets to address urban issues They share the good news about Jesus so that people can experience restored relationships with God, self, and others. 

Christina’s ministry includes three main parts: she is part of an OMF church plant (which meets in a coffee shop run by OMF missionaries), she partners with KGK (IFES in Japan) to work with local university students, and she has an itinerant prayer ministry, teaching prayer walking at different churches in Hokkaido. 

  • Pray for Japanese lay Christians to receive the Lord’s burden for their communities and families, and to become His loving, faithful, and bold witnesses. 
  • Pray for local churches in Japan to work together to see God’s kingdom grow in power, seeing lives transformed as people come to love and follow Jesus. For church workers - local and foreign- to be sustained by God’s joy. 
  • Pray for spiritual strongholds to be broken - especially strongholds of depression, loneliness, and idolatry- so that the spiritual eyes of many may be opened to Jesus’ beauty and goodness.