Dan Sweeney

United World Mission | Germany -

Dan provides strategic planning & leadership consulting services to To All Nations (a German mission organization), partnered with Bibelseminar Bonn (a German Bible school) in Bornheim, Germany. He is also working with German nationals to facilitate church planting and renewal, leadership/organization development, men’s ministry, and outreach to immigrants/refugees. Dan is also building bridges to strengthen partnerships to better utilize resources throughout Germany and over 30 countries, including NGO’s and foundations serving children at risk in Haiti, Malawi, Mozambique, and Thailand.

Prayer Requests -

  • Pray for spiritual renewal in Germany. Fewer than 2% of Germans are considered Evangelical Christians, and the traditional Catholic and Lutheran churches are in a steady state of decline. Communism in the former East Germany and Consumerism today have shifted the mindset of many Germans to the point we are hearing we have forgotten that we have forgotten about God.
  • Pray that our churches will be renewed with an outward focus, to be mission oriented, reaching out to serve our communities, developing and sending field workers.
  • Pray for spiritual unity as we work across denominations, churches, bible schools, and mission organizations in cross-cultural contexts. Pray that we stay focused on the love of Jesus Christ and His power working in us and through us as one body of Christ.
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