Dick & Ruth Hidalgo-Robinson


RiverWind, Inc. | Pucallpa, Peru

RiverWind was founded by Dick and Ruth to reach indigenous peoples in the Peruvian Amazon. RiverWind’s mission includes leadership formation, community development, and environmental stewardship as they teach indigenous community and church leaders using oral communication strategies. The long-term strategy is for the indigenous churches to plant an evangelical church in each of the 58 communities in the District of Tahuania, led by well-trained pastors and ministry leaders.

  • Pray for health, strength, well-being. We are actively planning to spend three to four months upriver, visiting villages, churches, believers, and leaders.
  • Pray that we will honor the Sabbath; we find it hard to find time to rest, week by week.
  • Pray for short-term volunteers to come alongside locally and internationally to help with the development of Health Promoters for each of
    the many remote villages which lack any kind of medical care.
  • Pray for programming, developing the materials, and financial resources to begin the program.