Doug & Barb Lamp


OC Int’l | Brazil -

Doug & Barbara Lamp serve with a mission agency, in Brazil. They are team leaders and involved in mentoring pastors, leaders and national missionaries to be effective in their ministries and to impact their world. Doug coaches and mentors these leaders in church planting and discipling skills. Barbara is a coordinator of Mulheres em Ministério (Women in Ministry) that emphasizes study/care groups for pastors´ wives and women who are pastors or missionar-ies. She also initiated a ministry offering retreats for Brazilian women who are cross-cultural missionaries (Irmãs-Amigas).

Prayer Requests -

  • Pray for the addition of new missionaries to join them to serve in Brazil’s Northeast region.
  • Pray for the Lamps as they turn over ministry responsibilities with OC/Sepal by June of 2021 when they plan to relocate to the Milwaukee area.
  • Pray for Brazilian evangelical churches as they seek to be salt and light in their communities and as a leader in world missions. Pray for the Church as it recovers from the effects of all that transpired in 2020.
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