J.D. & Alice Atkins

United World Mission | Netherlands (J.D.)
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Alice)

J.D. is a missional scholar with UWM’s Theological Education Initiative. He serves as a New Testament professor at Tyndale Theological Seminary. Tyndale is a seminary near Amsterdam that trains pastors, missionaries, church planters, professors, and leaders from all over the globe. Today, over 80 different nations are represented among Tyndale’s alumni. Alice has been with InterVarsity, reaching college students since 2003. She is currently seconded to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in the Netherlands as a supervisor and a trainer for HOST, the international student ministry. Alice also serves as an adjunct instructor at Tyndale, teaching a course on Cross-Cultural Christianity. This year, the class has students from 10 countries and 5 continents. Both J.D. and Alice serve on the preaching team at Crossroads (XRDS), a large international church near Amsterdam.

  • Pray for JD. Having 10-15 different nationalities in one classroom creates unique learning opportunities and teaching challenges. Pray that he and his students would humbly learn from each other and discern our own cultural biases in the interpretation of Scripture. Pray also for progress in his book writing projects.
  • Pray for Alice as she continues to train people from many nations in cross-cultural ministry. Pray as she helps leaders learn to lead in multicultural and intercultural settings.
  • Pray for our children living cross-culturally, that they would be rooted in the gospel of grace and be a light and a blessing to those around them.