Josh Green

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship | Marquette University -

InterVarsity is a multi-ethnic, inter-denominational group of students on campus. We raise and develop students to lead their peers in Scripture study, evangelistic outreach, prayer, while also engaging in ethnic reconciliation and justice issues. Our hope is to see these students change the campus as a whole, being equipped to serve Jesus on mission for the rest of their lives.

Prayer Requests -

  • Pray for a deeper hunger and thirst for more of God for all students and staff involved in the ministry. It can be too easy to be over-committed to programs and miss the longing for more of God in the midst of the work that we do.
  • Pray for partners in this mission! Whether it be alumni or volunteers who serve in mentoring/discipling students, leading ministry themselves, praying regularly, or giving financially, we are always looking for more people to join this work of redeeming and renewing the campus.
  • Pray for an urgency in sharing the gospel. Many people make significant decisions between the ages of 18-22 that shape the course of the rest of their lives, and we long to see more people decide to follow Jesus with their whole lives during their college years.