Lynae, Katelyn & Alyssa Poulson

Missao Novos Tribos | Brazil

The Poulson sisters and their 4 daughters work at an international boarding school in the Amazon basin of Brazil. The school serves the children of families who work in missions or ministry. The Poulsons manage the cafeteria, teach, and provide medical care for the staff and students. They are learning Portuguese and hoping to pass the medical certification exams in Brazil in the next 2 years in order to use healthcare as a ministry tool to build relationships and spread the gospel to underserved interior communities in the jungle.

  • Praise that our kids are adjusting so well! Pray that they continue to learn Portuguese, and adults need prayer for that as well. Also, pray for physical safety for everyone with the river so close, pirates, snakes, tropical diseases, etc.
  • Pray that the students would benefit from their schooling here and grow spiritually as the staff disciple them.
  • Pray for the ongoing tribal areas where the students’ parents work. Many are in the process of learning language and culture, caring for physical needs, planting churches, and translating the Bible.
  • Praise for continued attendance at the weekly Bible studies the students and staff do with the river people here. Pray for spiritual understanding and growth.