Miguel & Ilaria Castillo

East West Ministries Int. | Madrid, Spain

Ilaria and Miguel live in Madrid, Spain, where they serve as part of the leadership team of an urban church planting project. They both have a passion to make disciples that make disciples and see the church multiply in Spain and in Europe. Miguel is also a coach to young leaders who are planting new churches throughout different cities in Spain. In the European context, Miguel is the coaching coordinator and trainer for M4 Europe, a church planting network with a vibrant presence in 15 European nations. Ilaria is from the region of Liguria in Italy, worked for the Compassion International office both in Italy and in Spain for well over 12 years. She is currently a textile artist and intentionally seeks to reach artists and creatives with the gospel in urban settings.

  • Pray for continued growth opportunities in our church planting project (ELAN Church) in Madrid, Spain. May we introduce many new disciples to Christ and develop dozens of new leaders in the next couple of years.
  • We praise God for 51 young leaders trained through M4 Ready, a nine month program on leadership and church planting for young leaders ages 18-28. We hope to train and coach 100 young leaders by the end of 2023.
  • Pray for a strong preparation and launch of our M4 Team Process this Fall 2022. This is a two year (Sept 2022 through March 2024) training cycle for 6 church planting teams from different towns and cities in Spain.
  • We praise God for unity and health in our marriage now at our 12th Anniversary. Please pray wisdom in our marriage to prioritize and be more strategic in choosing the people we invest on and the projects we get involved in as we move forward in our leadership as a couple.