Phil & Kym Schank


C2k Ministries Inc. | Mound Bayou, MS

Phil and Kym's mission is to develop programs to help kids fight intergenerational poverty. Their goal is to provide them with the tools and resource, to overcome those challenges and become successful leaders who change families, communities, systems, and the world. Mound Bayou is the oldest established African American community in the US founded by ex-slaves in 1887. Phil and Kym are the only white couple living in their town.

  • Pray for a new building where the roof doesn’t leak and/or flood. This will allow us to expand our programs to help more students and make more of a difference.
  • Pray for new transportation. Our vans are 2004 and 2005 model years which have worked fine but are now using more of our funds to maintain.
  • Pray that our students will learn who God created them to be is more important than what others say. Pray that our staff continues communicating God’s love in powerful ways.