Phil & Valeree Poulson


Ethnos 360 | Brazil

After working as part of a missionary team planting a church among the Yanomami people for 15 years in the village of Marari, Phil & Valeree transitioned to a full-time field leadership role in 2007. They now reside in the city of Manaus and work with a leadership team where Phil & Valeree help to mentor and shepherd missionary teams planting churches among the least reached peoples of the Amazon. They do this by clarifying vision and by providing training, guidance, and encouragement. Their present ministry involves a significant amount of travel to the numerous indigenous villages where MNTB is engaging in church planting.

  • Pray for the missionary teams involved in church planting, translation, literacy, and discipleship.
  • Pray for us to have wisdom as we work with the missionary teams and indigenous church leaders.
  •  The prayer for our 5 daughters, two sons-in-law, and ever-growing number of grandchildren is the same as that of Paul for the church in Colosse: Colossians 2:7.