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Ray & Susan Stensgard

Greater Europe Mission | Bruxelles, Belgium -

Ray and Susan have a ministry of evangelism, discipling, training leaders, and personal counseling. Susan meets individually with women and leads small group Bible studies. Ray has formed and leads a team of evangelists and disciplers, gives training workshops, and meets individually with teens and men. This is done in the context of the local church they attend, in cooperation with some other churches and two youth ministries.

Prayer Requests -

  • Please pray for the teams to grow in maturity and in ministry skills as they work to establish and lead programs in the church.
  • Please pray for the recruiting and training of a team and their work to develop a ministry for the forty 25-35 year old single adults who attend the church worship service. Pray that this will help these young people to grow and to reach out to others.
  • Please pray for wisdom and perseverance of the church in the “new normal” in Bruxelles after the Covid-19 restrictions have fully lifted. Pray that the church will see many people encounter Christ and experience His love and transforming power as we function as a community of Christ followers who invest in each other’s lives.