Robert & Carole Strauss


Worldview Resource Group | Colorado -

Robert is the President and CEO of WRG. WRG provides coach-ing, consulting, and training to global mission leaders. The focus of our work is a story-based approach to cross-cultural ministry. Our assumption is that effective biblical preaching and teaching address core assumptions and locally shared values. Our delivery style is adapted to local norms, including language and culture. We build relationships in order to earn the right to communicate about such sensitive and important topics. Robert is also a trainer and the author of a recently published book called Four Overarching Patterns of Culture: A Look at Common Behavior.

Prayer Requests -

  • Pray for our two children and their families. We have six grandchildren, each unique and, of course, adorable.
  • Pray for safety and good health as we travel locally and internationally.
  • WRG trainers have written five books in the last three years and two more are in the works. Pray that these will have a broad impact.