Sean & Jenna Kaiser


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship | Northwest WI

The ministry of InterVarsity equips students and faculty to create witnessing communities that share the gospel within colleges and universities. Sean and Jenna work with the campuses of the Chippewa Valley, leading both staff and students. One of their primary responsibilities is the chapter at UW - Eau Claire, which has had a decades-long legacy of thriving student ministry. The UWEC chapter has an average of thirty to forty small groups and several hundreds of students involved. We also have specific small group ministry for international students, Asian American students, arts students, and athletes.

  • Pray for curiosity in the current student generation of the Chippewa Valley. Each year students are more likely to be unchurched, have little knowledge of Scripture, but also spiritually open and seeking.
  • Pray for our staff teams, that God would continue raising up new staff and providing the resources we need.
  • Pray for these campuses specifically in western Wisconsin, that God would continue to open doors for thriving ministry: UW-Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley Technical College, UW-Stout, Northwood Tech, UW-River Falls, and UW-La Crosse.