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Tim & Betty Wyma

Latin America | Ethnos360 -

The Wyma’s love the abundant opportunities their ministry pro-vides to daily interact, mentor and disciple a variety of growing and hungry fellow believers in Bolivia and other Latin American countries. The Ayoré Church continues to grow and the Church Leaders are hungry and open to be discipled and advised by the Wyma’s as the number of Churches multiply and deepen both in Bolivia and Paraguay. A huge step was taken as the Ayoré Bible was revised and printed which is now in their eager hands and hearts. Living and teaching in the Missionary Training Center in Bolivia provides constant opportunities to pour their lives into the Spanish speaking missionary candidates lives from around Latin America. Providing Church Planting tools in Portuguese for the many Brazilian missionaries is a major focus of their ministry as well.

Prayer Requests -

  • the Wymas disciple the variety of hungry believers from the Ayoré Churches, the students taking the 3 year Missionary Training Course and fellow Church Planting missionaries and Field Leaders.
  • Pray for God to raise up many missionary candidates from the Latin American Churches with an unquenchable passion to reach the unreached people groups of the world. These candidates need equally passionate Churches to partner with them as they go out into the remote regions of the world.
  • Pray for the Ethnos Bolivia Leadership Team and their fellow missionaries who are all stretched to the limit carrying tremendous loads of responsibility as “the laborers are few” even as they continue to work in a very unstable political environment.